Tuesday, 23 July 2013

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Billed as the ultimate upgrade to Windows 95, Microsoft's latest and greatest operating system is all that and more. You've probably heard about Windows 98, or seen it on the news, and maybe you've attended a Windows 98 demonstration at any one of the many tradeshows that Microsoft has attended in the past two years. You may have heard that it contains 13 million lines of code and is the central figure in a battle with the Justice Department that may last well into the next century. But before we look at the final release of Windows 98 (build 4.10.1998.6), let's backtrack a bit and explore why this product is the way it is, and how it got that way along the long road to its completion.
A few weeks after the triumphant release of Windows 95 in August 1995, Microsoft began planning the next version. Looking ahead, Microsoft realized that the next major revision of Windows would be NT-, not DOS-based, so "Memphis"--as Windows 98 was known at the time--would be a minor point release, not a major one like Windows 95. This created a couple of problems right off the bat, most notably a possible perception from consumers that Windows 98 wasn't really a big deal. And indeed, over the past few years, stories have erupted around the Net that Windows 98 is nothing more than Windows 95 with Internet Explorer 4.0 bundled in for good measure. On the other hand, there wouldn't be any major user interface paradigm shifts like there were with Windows 95, so many users would feel more comfortable upgrading.

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Download Windows 98 Full Second Edition Bootable With Serial Number Torrent File 


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